Sunday, June 24, 2007

A bit of art

This is a fun painting that we bought in Hahndorf in the eighties. I hasn't gone with our more recent decors so it has been under a bed for more than ten years. We never intended to buy a painting, but the painter was a master salesmen. It may have cost fifty dollars. I can't imagine spending much more that that.

I just accidentally came across a link to the painter's web site, so I had a look see. He no longer paints only in brown and it would seem he is now quite famous so this painting would perhaps be worth a bit. I may get it valued but from what I can see on the net, a minimum of two thousand dollars. Someone very close to me suggested we should wait until he dies and the price will go higher. Well, it could be that we die first.

I must say, I really like his more recent works on his website. Still the same themes but much more colour and movement. I left a comment in his guest book. He gave us the bits and pieces that we put on the backing paper.

Later edit: Of course I should call him an artist and not a painter. At the bottom of the pic below is the place who framed the picture. It is the business of Albert Tucker's niece and her husband and I can recommend for high quality work. Recherche Specialty Picture Framing of Templestowe.


  1. That's cool. I really like idea of having heirlooms one day.

  2. I really do like his work. I went and visited the link you gave, thankyou. I want to get the "Happy Hour" piece for the pool room I plan on making this will be fitting.
    I like the bio on the artist too. first thing that stuck out to me was the place West is where my nan was in an orphanage, a place I want to go to one day in the future.

  3. It wasn't something we expected Pomgirl, but of course to have an original is nice.

    Cazzie, I have not looked at the picture titles yet. I just checked a couple and they are clever. I will go through them later and note your choice. My stepmother had a connection to West Wyalong too.

  4. Art post worth reading over at Melbourne blogger Boynton

  5. Yes, I don't like those sort of pictures for home decoration either. Btw, we learned that our picture was painted in Vegemite, hence the stickers on the back.