Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Three inches is enough

I had occasion to go to Balaclava today.

One benefit of using public transport if it is not too busy is that you can you position yourself to have a good perve on hot looking guy. On the return tram trip I saw a target for my observations and postitioned myself accordingly, but also near the exit door in case the tram became busy. Suddenly I became so sleepy. I thought instead of getting off the tram at the usual Toorak Road stop, I would go further to the next stop and if I dropped off for half a doze, I would wake when the tram went around the curve before the stop.

As usual I had sunglasses on. The tram started go around the curve and I opened my eyes and there was a male crotch in front of my face just a few inches away. I actually got a fright (I think I had gone a bit further than half a doze) and yes, it was the guy I had been checking out.

It was quite a handsome crotch, compressed into a bare three inches of material between the waist band and crotch fork and bulging nicely. For just a split second I thought I was about to be orally assaulted. For another split second I thought I cannot appear to be a willing recipient here in public on a tram.

Fantasy, wanted or unwanted, ended when I realised he was reading the tram route map that was above my head.


  1. Wonders if he strategically placed himself for your liking?? Wishful thinking? Perhaps.

  2. Should have leant forward and bitten him Cazzie as he had had his feet on the seat earlier.

  3. Reminds me of youthful times on the old 'red rattlers', packed to the rafters but with gorgeous cupcake in front of me. Unfortunately I dropped my umbrella and pulled it upright not realizing it would come up through his legs. I often wonder if he ever had children.

  4. You should get a job with or population control org Jahteh