Monday, May 28, 2007

Sydney friend and the celeb

My Sydney friend's father is a photographer and he had to do a photo shoot with an aging female singer who is on one of those trashy tv talent shows or something. The father said it was a very hard job to make her look good and my friend suggested she was a dog. I am going to give my friend a piece of my mind as I reckon she is quite fab.


  1. Heh... Soft, natural light and a camera pointed DOWN at your subject helps with the "aging female singer" syndrome. Seriously. Tell your friends father to invest in a step-ladder and shoot from above. Instant wrinkle fills!

    (Which singer?)

  2. Interesting Ren. I have tried to take some self pics of myself and I cannot find the right angle. Above then. She is a dusky and not skinny not young lass who I think is learning to dance now.

  3. LOL, I like the advice Ren gave above, I shall remember this when getting pics taken of myself!! is not how a person looks, but what is inside that counts...yep..another prophesy for me to remember..darn it, I am acquiring all these sayings that I need to tattoo on my forehead right as I can remember!!