Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Stay away str8s. Email to publicly funded broadcaster

I wrote this the other night and sent it but I will just add a bit more. Firstly, females have not been banned, only straights.

Secondly, here is a cut and past from an acquaintance's experiences.

Here are three instances that I recall from my experiences at a GAY club:

3 years ago, in the men’s room 2 heterosexual man where making a joke of the fact they would not use the taps because the poofters had their hands on them, and they didn’t want to catch aids. I said in a friendly tone, that wasn’t very nice, one of them took a mouthful of beer and sprayed it at me (it was in the peel BTW).

At another mixed venue in Commercial Road recently, I was pushed over at the urinal by a conga line of pissed straight girls all screaming through the men’s toilet trying to see a bit of male penis.

And once more at the peel, where it is clearly marked as MEN ONLY upstairs, 3 women making a rush up the stairs before they got caught and removed. I was pushed to the ground as they made their dash.

Hi Jon.

I am not really sure about this exclusion ruling for the Peel Hotel but via tv news tonight and learning that hen's parties are attending really galvanises my thoughts.

Your view of the ruling was quite clear.

I don't go to bars anymore. I'm too old and they don't interest me now. But back when I did, I can recall times when there were straight girls around in the bars and they made for an unpleasant experience. Not particularly for anything that they could be thrown out for. Just young straight girls behaving as they do. I also recall the straight guys they attracted and they could be quite nasty, but again nothing that they could be thrown out for.

This is supposed to be my space. A place where I can be obvious and not feel uncomfortable. Why is it being invaded?

The worst was at Mardi Gras party in the early or mid nineties. Subsequently, policies were introduced to restrict the number of straight people but not with a lot of success.

I can think of many females who I would quite happily take to the Peel, but I fully understand why they have pushed for this ruling.

My view is probably unfashionable now where gays mix with straights in many clubs (I think). But Jon, you are a person who normally comes across as someone who feels empathy. Really though, I doubt you can understand the importance of gay male only space, for some gay guys anyway.


  1. As a person who has been to The Peel quite a few times, I can see what it all means. Many a hens night seem to come into The Peel at about 1 a.m. onwards. I think it has to do with feeling safe in a place they know they won't be hit on, and, obviously, the great music is like honey for the bee!
    The thing is, where does it leave gay people? What other places can gay people go to also feel comfortable? A place where people do not have to necessarily SAY who they are just to enter a place.
    These stories about str8 guys doing such awful things are not new to me. It will always horrify me, it ought not happen in a place that people feel safe.
    What I wanted to know is, how will the ascertain someone is str8 or not? For me, it is a difficult thing to explain. Then again, the people I would enter The Peel with more than merrit my entrance, as they frequent the place and are truly a draw card for the patrons. So, I guess I would have no trouble there. Or would I?
    It is just that, well, I would have to admit to something I have not done so in public before, and, that I have not had to just to enter a place I love, with the people I love.
    Not so long agi, we were turned away for having open toed shoes. New policy meant we had to have closed in toe shoes. It was 1:30am. What did we do? We drove home 40minutes, changed our shoes and drove back. We got home at was worth it!! Why? Because we had such a great time with our friends, in a place that we deemed safe to be.

  2. There's the rub Cazzie. You have it sussed. Why can't it just be left to the door person? They are experts at excluding people, as you know. If they are expected to judge whether someone is str8 or gay, they are going to cop flak anyway. The open toe shoe thing has been happening for decades.

  3. LOL, I guess it probably has, but it was being enforced strongly, I dare say after a hen or a str8 guy slashed their toes open on the dance floor?? Oh, noes, labels whaat , LOL.
    I think, because we enter same time as our lovely Drag Queens, there were concessions made witht he footwear. Perhaps someone sued the place then? It was back in January on my loverly other half's birthday we were there.
    Yes, the door people, I'd hate to be one myself. I would probably just turn away the drunkard footy jersey wearing jocks lookin' for the hen's night girls.

  4. Like The Melbourne Club in Collins Street, The Peel should simply make it a Private Members/ Registered Only place.
    Fill in a form get a card, be a member.
    edits out riff-raff, and groups of drunken bridesmaids.
    Guests can be 'signed in', which means the Member would be taking responsibility for their behaviour.
    I believe this entire episode just might be Mcfeely getting publicity for the venue.

    Any late night drinking venue has the potential to provide negative experiences for customers male or female gay or straight.
    eg: I know of a white straight woman who was bashed in the 'Ladies' of a club by Koori girls.
    They were only provoked by her whiteness.

  5. I think you have it Bwca, publicity. Wasn't you who was assaulted by Kooris?