Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I guess some sports are ok, in fact many. But some I don't like.

Boxing: How can it be in this day and age in supposedly civilised countries, that two men can be allowed punch each other in the body and the face until one of them becomes uncouncious or they go to the end of the time periods and a score is given. Many minutes of sustained beating received by both parties. What fun.

Fox hunting: Such pleasure derived from dogs ripping foxes apart. Nah, not to my taste.

Cock fighting: Well, there is the one that comes immediately to my mind, but I am talking about the version that happens in western countries by Asian born people where fowl rip each other apart. A truly wonderous spectator sport.

Rodeos: Oh, aren't they great. Frightened animals in pain trying to chuck a rider off. Marvellous.

Bullfighting: I would love to go to Spain. But they think it is fun to inflict pain on bulls and have them slowly bleed to death. Actually, is there is a connection to the way they have sex? Quick, fast and furious. Don't care if it hurts. (stereotypical, I know)

What do all the above have in common? Humans inflicting pain on other animals, including humans. Aren't we wonderful?


  1. Hate them all, I even hate the steeplechase horse racing, I cry when a horse falls over!!
    Once, when I went to Mount Gambier to visit my Auntie, my cousin was in a Kickboxing tornament. He encouraged her to go, and so we did. We both left immediately the first bout began. That too is very sad.

  2. A worthy mention Cazzie.

  3. Ah yes, fighting over cocks, the Paris Hilton of sports.

  4. As tempting as it is Coppery One, I'm not going anywhere near the opening you've left wide open.

    Much like parts of Paris ... well, the last time I saw Paris (disingenuous apologies to Oscar Hammerstein II) they were.

  5. Eh, I gotta say that rodeos are kinda cool - I've been to enough of them in my time - and the animals aren't in pain. They're pissed off. Big difference. The riders deserve to be trodden on or bull-horned up the arse if they're stupid enough to ride an angry equine/bovine.

    However, boxing and kick-boxing can go, as can bullfighting. Erk.

  6. My grandparents dragged us kids to the Lang Lang rodeo one year Ren. I recall it being dusty, but quite good fun. For me the jury is a bit out on rodeos, but I never let facts spoil a blog post.