Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sleepy Sunday

I don't normally feel sleepy during the day unless I have had an extreme work shift change. Today I felt sleepy and if I wasn't driving, I could have quite happily dozed off. I was worried that I was losing concentration today when driving, but I was ok really..........I think.

In the morning we took a walk to Albert Park Lake. I forgot it was the RSPCA's Million Paw Walk. People and dogs everywhere. Nice. I like dogs. While I did manage to step in swan crap, not a bit of dog crap to be seen.

Look, I said to R. A spare seat. Let us sit. We did.

We should walk around the lake, R suggested. Ok, I agreed cautiously. (Never done that before, is it far?)

Ah, I proclaimed a minute after we set off, coffee vendor. Forget the walk around the lake, let us have coffee. $3.50 for crap coffee in a take away cup.

I was half way through the coffee and oh, plenty of time, let us still walk around the lake. We did and saw many dogs and many people. But five kilometres around the lake plus perhaps 1.5 to and from home was a bit much for me. I shan't do that again in a hurry. I have a sore spot on one foot where my shoe rubbed.

Set off a bit late for Geelong to meet sister and bone surgeon girlfriend. They called at ten past the time we were supposed to be there and suggested we meet at the place where they had booked. My concerns over freeway driving were found less. As soon as I was on the onramp, I got up to the speed limit and maintained it all the way, no problems. Noted an accident on the other side of the freeway, someone holding their bleeding head and another person running somewhere.

We had a fantastic lunch at Pakington Cottage Cafe in Pakington Street, Newtown with sis and her g/f. A bottle of nice local red, lovely food and coffee and good service along with reasonable prices. Sis is not overly large, she is big bodied anyway. She and her g/f had been to antenatal classes the day before and were well accepted. It is at a private hospital and not the Geelong Public where the reception may have been a little different.

My sister has changed since she has been with child. Even R who has exhibited hate towards her in the past thought she is a bit nicer.

Two hours of driving just for lunch with sister is an effort, but I am glad we did it.

The alternative was a trip on a train to Canterbury to blast from the past with a check out of Maling Road antique shops. I did mention it to R who was interested to go. No matter, we will do it in the future.

The pic is of one of the boat launching ramps and landing at Albert Park that nephew built. They looked horribly red when done, but with a bit of sun, they have aged nicely.


  1. We used to go to Albert Park Lake a alot before I had our 3rd baby. We were part of the sailing club there. It was a good day out and the people were nice. Yes, the poop is something to lookout for isn't it?
    The walk around the lake, I used to enjoy doig that too. Next nice day we have I might take the kids there with their treddly peddlies.
    I haven't been to that place in Newton, will be sure to give it a go next we are down that way thought, MIL has a van onsite at Ocean Grove.
    Marvellous to hear of your sis being with child, when she due? I have been a patient at the hospital she will be in, the staff are marvellous. Hand picked the best I believe :)
    Ohhhh, the antique shops sound great :)

  2. When is your sister due and will this be your first nephew/neice?

  3. Nephew 20, nieces 18 and 15 by brother Steph. Sister is due on July 11.

  4. Rosanna, we will shop for antiques another time soon.