Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sacrosanct footpath

This only ever seems to happen to me along Toorak Road. Perhaps it says something about the drivers of Toorak Road side streets or about South Yarra drivers even.

We walk from home up Toorak Road for an evening meal in a cheapish place about twice a month. I rarely have issues with motorists when I am pedestrianing, but for some reason they really have it in for me along this stretch.

Pedestrian wise Toorak Road between St Kilda Road and Punt Road is busy enough. It is hardly a quiet surburban steet with minimal pedestrian traffic. So the guy who had parked across the footpath deserved my loud 'Don't worry about the pedestrians' comment as I walked around his car.

Only ten metres on, a driver pulled straight in front of us as we were about to cross a side street and blocked out path. There were about five of us. I mouthed something unrepeatable to her b/f who was in the passenger seat as I could not catch her eye.

I am getting quite annoyed at these arrogant assholes by now. There is a history of of this on our walks along Toorak Road. While I know I and R are up for short sprint, I thought it best to check how well ABI brother was at sprinting. He can do it.

After dinner and emboldened by two glasses of cheap plonk, I was ready to take on these motorists.

I wish I had a good end to the story, but everyone was ever so polite on our way home.


  1. Go to Rome. The motorists practically aim for pedestrians. There is hardly any traffic lights, and the traffic is SO INSANE. It is like Flinders Street at peak hour times six thousand all day every day.

    You'd hate it.

  2. I ride my bike alot and I hate it when people park across the pathway and half way out into the cycle lane.... one of my few pet hates I have to say.

  3. Is it similar to Asian countries Rosanna? You just walk and 99.99% of the time the traffic just goes around you?

    Cazzie, carry a water pistol full of brake fluid and give the cars a squirt on your way past.

  4. No, traffic doesn't go around you. There is only one way in Rome: the cars way.

    And one day I was there, they had a public transport strike (BLOODY NIGHTMARE) so the traffic was six times billion more insane than normal. I rang home in tears it was so awful.

    Have you been to Bangkok? I'd LOVE to see the traffic there.

  5. Sounds worse than Bangkok. Yes, been to Bangkok a few times. My fave was Saigon where you walked into a sea of traffic and so long as you kept a steady pace and did nothing eractic, all just missed you.