Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I am not sure why this keeps coming to my mind. I am not sure why I don't actually use the net to find out.

Now you have your Lebanon. You have your Palestinians, who live kind of in what was Palestine and Israel. So why are Palestinians in refugee camps in Lebanon or as I like to call it The Lebanon?

The more I learn about the Middle East, the less I understand.


  1. My guess is that these refugees have been removed at some point from contested areas and as such have been dispossessed. That's my guess and I invite anyone to point out otherwise.

    As for solutions, I think I should send my mother in there. "If you can't play together nicely, neither of you can play".

  2. S'pose you are right Rob. And yes, men have been giving a go trying to solve the problem. Time to get some women leaders and negotiators in.

  3. My mother doesn't negotiate. Children? Terrorists? Freedom Fighters? Coalitions of anything? Not a chance!