Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The old Greek/Italian lady

I started to read this blog, but oh so sad. I will revisit it.

I am feeling a bit mortal at the moment for no real reason. Just ageing and my indulgent life style.

But this blog post made me happy and I have noticed something of late. I am seeing older Greek and Italian women not dressed in black with grey hair, and although my age or a bit older, they are smartly dressed, made up and hair not grey. This is the next generation coming through and stabbing in the dark a bit here, accepting of gay sons.

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  1. You are awesome Andrew :) I a glad you visited my friend Therese's blog, she is truly inspirational and I am damned sure she will be pissed at me for conjuring up sympathy from people re her situation.
    But such a wonderful family who only ever do good, ya know the story..anyhow, all the ad bastards seem to stay alive, God don;t want them and neither does the Devil!!
    I swear, that youg guy looks just like my friend Jessie (aka Jessica). Italian and loves his mum too. Jess has a few years on this guy, luckily his mum is supportive of him.
    For that Im glad, he is a kind gentle soul and I heart him.