Thursday, May 24, 2007

Neighbour on a mission

I am known for being able to excite people. I know all the right words, the right flattery and where to place it. It seems I have excited a neighbour. No, sadly not the cutish HK boy next door but a person who had something to do with concrete and not the laying of it, more the selling of it. He lives upstairs. He could be described as gruff, but he has a good sense of humour. Like many Anglos in our apartment building, he has another place, at Mount Eliza, although we have found out it is actually Safety Beach, previously known as Shark Bay.

It seems my behind the scenes building water consumption curiousity excited him. He has been looking around at pipes, meters, where water comes in, where it goes out. I will add here that he is not a body corp committee member, but influential, all the same.

He had now requested copies of our last four water and gas bills, along with the same request from nine others. He is just looking for an average figure. I am not sure where he is going with this but he reckons he has fond a water entry pipe that does not have a meter!


  1. Shark Bay becoming Safety Beach is up there with naming a pool after our dear drowned leader...

  2. Shit, days of our lives..keep us is all too exciting. Is this guy like a Mrs Mangles, LOL.

  3. So you'll score some free water? :o Andrew I'm shocked, yet strangely impressed!

  4. Scratching my head a bit Cazzie.....Mrs Mangles.....yeah, gossipy woman. I don't know him well, just 'lift chats' of less than thirty seconds at a time.

    Rob, I bet it was called Shark Bay for good reasons.

    I never get anything free Steph, probably not even water.

  5. Stuff Mrs Mangles ('scuse me french) Cazzie, reckon "you can call me Shirley bu don't call me late for breakfast is more your Joe Hasham sorta guy.

    (Well, have say that if it were a choice between Mrs Mangles and Joe, reckon I know which way I'd jump on bones.)

  6. This young boy did not know exactly what he wanted Joe to do to him, but his mind was working overtime and he could have done anything.