Thursday, May 03, 2007

In full bloom

It must be quite magical at Hirosaki in the north of the main island in Japan. Local tourists plan their holidays to visit Hirosaki when the cherry trees are in full bloom. Unfortunately they are quite late this year. How beautiful it must be to have pink petals over your head and at your feet too. Imagine a picnic under the blossoms with an ice cold chablis and a cooled roasted chicken with oysters for entre and a rich lemon meringue pie for desert, followed by some strong rich coffee and a liquer? or port.


  1. Andrew, a month or two ago I heard something on the radio that the tourism industry in Japan was having difficult making and taking bookings because of the lateness of the cherry blossom. So let's hope everything turned out all right in the end. Wasn't clear whether the lateness was another attributin to global warming or some form of climate change.

    Blessings and bliss

  2. The blooms are certainly later than expected. The Japanese weather bureau takes pride in an accurate blossom forecast and many people had booked blossom holidays on the strength of the bureau's forecast and missed out. The weather forecasters have made an apology and taken a most humble bow. I have no idea how climate change is affecting Japan, but there is someone who I can ask.
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