Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I write

I feel the need to write something but nothing is on my mind to post so will just write some disjointed nonsense.

I don't like Theresa Rein. Anyone that rich must have exploited people at some point. I learnt today that she is a practising christian. It just gets worse but it does explain her bad hair.

Desalination is not a great idea to supply water to Melbourne. Better we recycle. Don't forget folks, you only use water, you don't make it disappear. We just need to clean it up a bit and we can use it again.

The trouble people get into because of carnal desires never ends. The trouble I have got myself into over carnal desires has ended, but I do know what it is all about.

If you live in a highrise apartment, why would you live there if there is no view?

Old style union people are dinosaurs and politically unacceptable. However, they still can be good unionists and work hard and well for their members.

I suggested in a post in the long past that something might happen to McQuarie Bank. It did not seem sustainable to me. I haven't been proved right yet.

In another post I gave my opinion of The Palace in St Kilda. Thank god is now going to be demolished. I don't feel any connection to that part of St Kilda anymore, although I quite like visiting on quiet days.

I worry that my superannuation won't be enough to support me in my old age, but I worry more that I won't live to collect it.

The friends you make via blogging are wonderful, but is it real? While I do know some blogging mates, I haven't actually met anyone via my blog. I will soon though I think.

Enough, I am old and tired and must sleep now.


  1. It does explain her bad hair.

    How does being a Christian explain someone's bad hair? I don't like the woman either but... I don't have bad hair. I hope!

    Meeting people via blogging would be strange. I've given everyone whose blogs I read a face and (if they need one) a real name. Would be very strange to meet them for real. Kind of like when I found out a famous blogger's real name recently. I nearly died of shock.

    It's such a lovely name, but I'd given her the name Sarah. Weird.

  2. I love to see your thoughts on all these topics here. Your worries are valid, about the future, but, the thing we also need to focus on is the Now. Right now, how do you feel? I tell you, if I did live in a highrise apartment I wouls spend most of my time looking out the window. Why? Because each time you see something, right then an there, it will never happen at the same time ever again. Shivers..I AM rambling,LOL.

    I have met a few of my blogmates. I heart them muchly. We are, as we are on the screen here, jovial, witty (speak for myself, LOL) and candid.
    Nothing like sharing some brushcetta and having a glass of wine at Monroe's, then again, it gets a little loud there sometimes :(

  3. See, you are preaching at me!!! (meant with humourous intent R)This morning I recalled Rudd goes to church as does Howard. Bet that Julia doesn't.

    Doesn't it feel a bit like a blind date Cazzie? Pre or post Monroe renovation Cazzie?

  4. I'm no preacher my friend. I doubt half my readers even know I am religious. Unless they do know, in which case I take it all back :)

    Rudd and Howard both go to church. Good ol' Peter hops along also, Tony joins in... it's one super big party. Ditto for Georgie of the US of A and Mr. Blair.

    Any pattern emerging?

    I remember when Blair used going to church as a political statement against the monarchy's reaction to Princess Diana's death. I've never forgiven him.

  5. LOL, we went there as recent as a few months ago. A good friend from Sydney came down for a visit, post coming back from Thailand, and she was buggered. Our friends were waiting in a line on a freezing night to get into the Greyhound, and we all said, "Blow this, we will go have something to eat and some coffee". A much better alternative than freezing to death, and my guess here, being packed into a club like a sardine!
    I had an antipasto, it was nice.

    The blog meeting, nah, it was not a blind date feel. The person who got me intoblogging was my friend Rebecca, we already knew each other. Then, we met up with 4 other blog persns at The Clyde Hotel, it has wheelchair access, and this was warranted for one of the people attending.
    By all accounts, it was a really fun night. I cannot wait to do it again. It will be delayed though, because Rebecca and another blog mate are in hospital right now.

  6. 'I haven't actually met anyone via my blog'

    Well it's not from our lack of trying you shrinking violet.

  7. I think Monroes must have been there about twenty years or more Cazzie. Even when we did go to venues, we were always early. I won't queue.

    As I am not working next week Jahteh, let us meet for lunch, preferably accessible by public transport. I try not to drive when I am not working. I could even make Southland on a bus.

  8. " Anyone that rich must have exploited people at some point"
    I AGREE.

    "I learnt today that she is a practising christian"

    I don't think there are any 'poor' 'practising Christians' - they network their worship intensely.

    "It just gets worse but it does explain her bad hair".

    Good point Cameraface, Great Personal Style, and Genuine Worshipfulness, are mostly mutually exclusive.

    Bwca believes that

    'God' ... is LOVE

    means: True religious spiritual faith of any type, should be "Loving all other living things",
    "peaceful co-existence"
    "treading lightly on this Earth"

    ie: LOVE is the thing to worship and value.

    if only Everybody could find it in themselves to be kind and caring everywhere,

    instead of taxidrivers stealing money from old ladies
    women forced by circumstance to leave an infant on the doorstep of a place that would feed it
    detonating a bomb among people just because they are not like you
    bullying the runt of the school
    etc etc.
    'God' is 'Love'.

    and Therese cannot call herself truly Christian if she has built an employment-service empire on the government's subsidising of them when it abolished the Centrelink Employment Service in favor of the JobNetwork System.
    I worked for Centrelink when those Job Network cards were issued.
    It was a total fizzer.
    $170 MILLION eh ? and Labor is the Worker's party ? My GOD!

  9. The Exchequer is empty until Friday unless the sister gets lucky at the geegees today.

  10. I've not met any bloggers who I didn't already know before blogging and often wonder what it would be like; if it would be awkward or really cool.

  11. Love your politics and thoughts Bwca. Can I marry you?

    No probs Jah Teh. I won't offer to treat you in case you are just using it as an excuse.

    I think it would be ok Pomgirl. You would feel some sort of connection with person already to even consider it. I would think that a close friendship is unlikely. You will go back to being blog mates or whatever, but with the knowledge that they are real people. We have to open up our ideas of friendship in this digital age I suppose.

  12. Excuses, my fat tush, I've done everything except batter down your front door to meet you. Living 24 hours at a time at the moment and Friday seems too far away for making arrangements to the detriment of friendships.

  13. No probs Jahteh. One day soon.