Saturday, May 19, 2007

I am so raceshist

When driving back from a social event in South Oakleigh this evening I felt the need to warn R who was driving about motorists around us. Blonde female P plater to the left on phone. Old orthodox Jew in battered white van next to us. Watch him as he will want to get across and turn right at Hotham Street (and he did). Boom box car next to us. Any cute guys. Nope, just a Moslem women playing loud music and really going off while she was stationary at the lights. And as we drove up St Kilda Road, I correctly identified a young Asian girl who pulled in front of us from a side street when she had sat there for ages and she could have easily pulled out.

The day I retire, it will be my pleasure to call the wreckers and never have to drive again.

It has been a while since I have driven on a freeway, and tomorrow we are going to Geelong for lunch with my very pregnant sister and the bone doctoress. I will be half way before I get used to freeway driving. It is sad. I used to be such a confident and carefree driver. Btw, seven weeks to go until 'Now' is born. Temp name that they think they will use a lot at some point in his/her life. She is a schoolteacher.


  1. Blonde female P plater to the left on phone.


  2. Well don't. Driving is a serious matter and requires full concentration. Grumpy old man lecture ends.

  3. I know it is a very serious matter - I have never answered my phone while driving, or smsed.

  4. Ahh, strike my question on when junior will be born, no I know it, I am reading down from the top....trying to catch up :)
    I know, I hate driving in from Werribee into town for my shift in Nth Melbourne. I am nervous when I have to play what feels like Russian Roulette with the traffic to get over to exit the Freeway and pass the Telstra Dome on the way in.
    I won;t use the trains because I know who we let out of the ER and I would be on the train on my own at 10 at thanks.

  5. The Werribee line is not great evne in the daytime.