Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Free Paris

Poor Paris. Not because she is locked up in jail and having her bits explored by all the muff munching lickers, no, because no body likes you Paris. I have read anti Paris rant after rant by Aussies. Collectively, we seem to hate her. But I reckon Paris is a class act.

What has she done to be famous? some ask. Like you need to know? You are writing about her. You tell me.

I think she would make a marvellous faghag and since I haven't posted many pictures lately, here is one of her in action as a faghag, obviously for a younger person than thee, who could keep up with her. You can have the one on her left Jah Teh. I'll take the bleached one.


  1. Blahahaha, that takes the cake, Paris a faghag, LOL.
    I actually like her, not that it matters.

  2. But I don't like racing ferrets! *whines*

  3. You don't like racing ferrets coz you've never beaten one of them thar weasely critters - ever.

  4. As a self proclaimed fag hag, I take solace in the fact that I have yet another thing in common with Paris.


  5. She can't be stupid Cazzie. She has increased her wealth umpteen times.

    Stop mixing post comments Jah Teh. You'll do my head in.

    Beating ferrets would be a fine sport M'lord.

    How did I guess you would make a fab faghag Steph?

  6. Brilliant observation. *snickergiggle*

  7. I am only ignorant Ren, not stupid.

  8. I take it back about racing ferrets, the bloke is uglier.