Tuesday, May 01, 2007

First in the queue

Not literally, but I am so excited about this that I will throw my Scottish miserliness out the window and eagerly pay nearly $30 to be rolled out of 88th floor of the Eureka building in a glass cube. While I can hang over the edge of our balcony many stories up to clean the glass, I still get a touch of the vertigoes if I actually look down, especially at the outer corner. It has got to be a better thrill than any amusement park ride.

The pics come from The Age where you can read all about it.


  1. I heard this on the radio live today on 3AW with Neil Mitchell. He had a girl live on the radio pissing herself with fright as she ascended and then the floor of the lift went clear!!!! I was scared just listening to it!!

  2. That is sooooooo cool! I'd like that for my flat -- though I don't think it's strongly recommended haha! Imagine walking around on a clear floor and the sites your downstairs neighbor can enjoy (or otherwise?) ;)

  3. Lovely cousin is hoping to have enough time to do the glass walk over the Grand Canyon. He says it's the only thing that will make the US trip bearable.

  4. Wish I had heard it Cazzie.

    Try this one Princess. Maybe you could do it at home.

    Cuz is not happy in the US Jahteh? Was he dragged there by partner?

    8:45 PM

  5. I would actually die standing on that thing.

  6. Cuz is not happy with America full stop but until our synchrotron is in full working mode they have to go for research.