Sunday, May 27, 2007

The dyke friends are back

The dyke friends are just back from their holiday in the US. One of them took their parents with them and unfortunately he broke his shoulder on the second last day while he was break dancing at Venice Beach. That is his story but at 70 odd, a little unlikely.

We caught up with them on Friday night at Dame M's for some Chinese takeaway and a drink.

I have never heard about these seal platforms in San Fran harbour, although R says he has. Many vids on YouTube. And wow, is that one steep hill. I guess that is Alcatraz in the background.


  1. we've got similar kind of platforms out in the middle of port phillip, on the shipping channel markers.

    it is alcatraz.

  2. Anonymous8:39 am

    The one thing the videos don't get across is the stench. I think I could smell the seals before I could see or hear them.

  3. Amazing images, love that hill, coming from such a flat place here!
    Mmmm, chinese, now, I have not had chinese cuisine for some time...oh, hang on, I am having my soup. It can wait.
    Ouch, a broken shoulder, the worst type of pain to experience, other than kidney stones that is.

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  5. Yes Kiki. The critters taking advantage of the man made structure.

    Never thought of that Tony. I guess it would pong. Btw, I have changed to Google Reader.

    Do you recall Streets of San Franscio Cazzie? It showed very steep streets. The old fellah was given morphine for the trip home, which turned out to be only panadol.

  6. Yep, loved the series as a kid. Poor old fella, paracetamol would not have eased much of the pain :(