Friday, May 18, 2007

Draft - Man Smell

I have around a dozen posts in my blog draft folder and I really need to tidy it up. I have already deleted a couple. The rest weren't published, for good reasons I expect. That is, they weren't fit to publish, but I will over the next week or so with the appropriate warning, draft. There must have been something in them, or I would not have written them. I saved them for polishing the thought later and in more agreeable terms.

eThis is a delicate issue coz we all like to think we don't smell, although we know we do. Fish jokes I can recall from teen years. Gorganzola jokes I don't want to remember.

But a friend who has an overseas non english speaking boyfriend told me this.

My friend asked his b/f for sex, but b/f said 'no, must shower'.
Friend said 'why? You are not long out of the shower.'
His b/f said 'smell'.
Friend said 'that is ok'.
B/f said 'cannot, man smell, must shower'.

Not sure why I needed to share that with you.

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