Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Draft 03.04.07 Annabel Chong

This was just too explicit for my gentle readers and so I have deleted it bar the tease. If you dont know who she is, I am not telling you but to give you an hint, it is all about numbers.

Does much intersting come out of Singapore? Well my ex hairdresser did in years past and so did Annabel Chong.


  1. I remember to 60s, whereas Annabel Chong remembers the 70s. (Boom, boom.)

    I vaguely recollect the other half of her act ... Annabel Cheech.

  2. Touche M'lord. It took me a second read.

    And dear sweet innocent Rosanna, what did you find? Actually I don't even know what google throws up about her.

  3. Can we have a 'sealed section' here for those of us on the other side of gentle?

  4. Not innocent anymore! Holy moly.