Monday, May 28, 2007


I am feeling a little depressed today. Not for any particular reason. Well, lack of money is not helping but the creditors are being kept at bay. Nothing new really. Perhaps I should not have stayed up until 1am last night. I don't do late nights very well now. I still wake earlyish.

We took a walk tonight to Transport Bar at Fed Square and had two very cheap beers and some nice nachos. We watched darkness settle on the city and the trams constantly flowing and disgorging and collecting passengers. That should have lifted me high.

But when I am feeling a bit down nothing helps like a good early night sleep. Before then, there is one blog that never fails to cheer me. I like the pictures and I like the funny language.


Sorry, I not has your cheezburger.

Later edit: My Sydney friend just sent me some porn bloopers. Good laugh.


  1. LOL, it is a cute little blog, wish I had known about it aerlier...looks like depression really got a hold of both of us right now...pity party for two please :(

  2. Nothing quite stirrs the imagination as those two wonderful words combined - "porn bloopers".

  3. You give us cheezburgers and keep the porn bloopers, selfish much!

  4. Awww I'm sorry to hear that you're having a moment, love *hugs* happens to the best of us, yeah? I'm afraid I may be going through it now too -- I'm just waiting 'til it goes away. I don't understand how it can just spring on us with no warning.

  5. As I thought, it was a momentary depressive phase.

    Pity party for three I think Cazzie. Princess is not 100% either. She needs a nice man. Lucky that we have one of those each already. Ah, well, that logic does not work does it. Thanks for the thoughts too Princess. I am melodramatic as usual. I never suffer real depression and so I can't begin to understand what it is like.

    Porn bloopers are great Rob and Jahteh. Let's face it. You can only watch so much porn, but bloopers give a new slant. (I lied here somewhere, possibly when I said you can only watch so much porn)

  6. Yeah, I know it. I nevre have suffered real depression, just having a hard time with my hubbie's family. Non acceptance, not wanting to SEE the truth..well, ya just can't help dumb. Still, why am I loosing sleep?
    It too shall pass.