Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Don't hurt me too much doc

I am having a cholesterol test tomorrow. It is at nine of the clock. Receptionist told me I must fast for twelve hours before. I turned to the net and sought an opinion that suited me better.

Food won't be a problem as I rarely eat after dinner until I have to force some breakfast down, but on holidays and not having a drink or two after nine pm or coffee in the morning. Whiskers on that.

Here is what I found.

Fast can be as low as eight hours before test.

No alcohol for twenty four hours before test.

For a meaningful test, sixteeen hours is the suggested period.

There is only one minor result that can be affected by breaking fast.

No food, (no mention of drinks) twelve hours before test.

Don't have cheese and olives at midnight the evening before your test.

And the one I am following, no calorie or fat intake ten hours before the test.

While I am fancying bacon and eggs and a nice cup of coffee after I leave Doctor, I expect I will bolt to home for cereal, toast and instant coffee.


  1. Yes, you see, usually, if you were a patient in hospital, you would have fasted 12 hours from the time you had your dinner, until the time us nurses take the sample, which would be 6am. Then, you would eat breakfast anyhow. Given dinner is served at around 5pm in hospital).
    LOL, I would race to the nearest coffee shop and order a double shot affogato after the test :) Well, maybe a cafe mocha instead.

  2. Waking at 6.30, guzzling water as a substitute for coffee and food, a storm and a long wait for a tram/bus did not put in the frame of mind for coffee in a caf. 170/85 was no surprise to me.