Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dilemma, not a whinge for a change

Ex NT policeman is planning a holiday for next year and he has invited us to come along. I need some clarity of thought here folks so you opinions are valued.

His proposed holiday is to fly to San Francisco, hire a car and drive up to Vancouver, go on a cruise and see whatever you see from a cruise ship in Canada (glaciers and those sort of things, not much stopping off for land visits), then do a short Rocky Mountains train trip. Drive back to San Fran and then fly home.

My problems with it:

The cost, probably around $10,000 including spending money. I don't have $1,000. It will have to be 'on the card'.

It will be a bit cheaper to share a cabin with ex NT policeman, his b/f and his b/f's b/f. (sic) But I don't want to share accomodation with anyone in bunks. Is that his motivation for asking us? He has never asked us before to go on holidays with him.

R was dead keen, but now he has doubts. But if he really wants to do it, I will and if I agree, I will do it with good grace.

I have asked someone who did it with her aged mother and her feelings were quite negative from her perspective. It was a nice easy holiday for her infirm mother.

I am not sure that I am a cruise person. What do you do all day on a boat? I am not good at doing nothing. Gambling will amuse me for five minutes. Shows in the evening will be ok. Gym? Pool? Boring. Innernet access will be expensive I expect.

R and I always have great holidays together. We had a campervan holiday in NZ with a friend a long time ago and it was a bit hard, although we have had good holidays with the brother friends in Thailand, but we stayed in separate accomodation and weren't in each others faces.

We have not discussed between us where I or R would like to holiday. We are going to Broken Hill in couple of weeks for a holiday, at R's suggestion. Since I am very content at home and not doing much, I do need motivation to do the bigger things and I am looking forward to Broken Hill. It was a good call in R's part.

I like nature, in small measures. I am more a city person. People interest me. The friend who did the cruise said it was full of Americans of the most obnoxious type (sorry Daisy Jo, I am sure you are perfectly nice, anyone with a chrome and black table has got to be nice).

The friend who did the cruise dressed up as best she could for dinner in the dining room, but it was full of pretentious people who made her feel inadequate. She refused to go back and subsequently ate in the bistro. I would only eat there anyway.

I think I would like to see Canada, but it is not high on my list.

So, if I refuse to go, I better come up with a damn good alternative for R. It is not really the money, but in a way it is as I don't want to pay for holiday I don't really want to do. Suggestions for alternative holidays welcome at around $5,000, but not Europe or Asia.


  1. Wow, Canada, would love to go there some day. Then again, I love to fish, love the fresh air that the cuntryside can offer etc etc. The Rockies, I'd love to see.
    Thing is, I would not want to see it with people that I was not 100% sure I would have a blast with. Or, for that matter, a relaxing time (you know some people can take alot to get used to if they are jumpy "gotta go, gotta go" people.
    If I went on the cruise, I am the samw as you, hate gambling, boring machines and people with poker faces behind table BLAH!
    I would go on a cruise if I could take books and relax poolside, yes, find a good author. Then again, you can read at home too can't you?
    Guess I am not much help, but, I would not spend dosh I did not have to go on a trip with people I was suspect of.
    For me, I would spend 5 grand going across to Western Australia, Kalbarri, for a whole week or two. Love that place sooooo.

  2. No offense taken: My parents went on a cruise last year and they are quite obnoxious ;). I think cruises are for old people, and we aren't old, are we?

    I'm not sure how relaxing I would find it to go vacationing with other people, but I'm like you. I'd need the motivation since I'm a homebody.

  3. The cruise to the glaciers is good and it can be linked to several rail side trips to the Alaskan gold rush towns.

    What's wrong with going on The Ghan or the Indian Pacific?

  4. Ohhh Jahteh got the right idea for sure!!

  5. You've all been a big help, not! But thanks anyway.

    I am so out of the habit of reading books Cazzie.

    Lol at your parents comment Daisy Jo.

    Indian Pacific goes to Perth, I don't want to go there. The Ghan is frightfully expensive unless you share with others. I need me luxuries.

  6. San Fran=cute bois, and for $10,000, one of them should spend the week fanning you and pouring you drinks.

    How much without the cruise?

    How about this? I'll come to stay at your house and you can come to stay at mine. Then we each save the hotel bill. I'll even change the sheets!

  7. Ta Daisy Jo, but what would I do with cute bois???

    Holiday swap is a good idea...except seasonal problems. Summer here, your winter. Your summer, our winter. While I am not fond of hot weather, I don't think I would visit in the winter.

  8. Long comment but there wasn't a link. The rail journey is the White Pass and Yukon Route Railway, which starts in the port town of Skagway in Alaska. The narrow gauge railway line was built in 1894 and is classified as an international historic civil engineering landmark. The railway line travels into Canadian territory, crossing White Pass summit at 873m above sea level in British Columbia, before making its way to the historic gold rush town of Carcross in the Yukon. The train trip, aboard vintage parlour cars, climbs almost 1000m over 42km of steep grades and cliff-hanging turns, taking in mountains, glaciers, gorges, waterfalls, tunnels, trestles and historic sites. 3/6/4 hours excursions leave from Skagway's port where cruise ships dock.