Saturday, May 26, 2007


As I have worked the same job for a long long time, I have been witness to many workmates dying. They did not pass over, pass on, go to the other side, go to rest or any such nonsense. They just died. They are dead, gone and kaput. It happens you know, you live, you die. Sad for those who miss you, but you aren't really gonna know much about it if you are dead. Your brain has died, you only a bit of organic material now.......that is unless you have left a blog archive behind.

He was a bit painful at times, the latest workmate who died. I am not here to lecture anyone about smoking, but sixty Winnies Reds a day over a lifetime probably will mean you will die of lung cancer, as he did. I doubt he would have changed his habits if he had the chance of a longer life.

He had the most marvellous name though......mellifulous comes to mind but it is not really the correct word. Vale Victor Merrigan.


  1. Yep, you are correct there Andrew, we are here for just a spec of time really. Sad to know he was a smoker, I know of many people with cancer who never smoked or drank alcohol though. Those that do, well, they sometimes continue on...never ceases to amaze me. They go have a ciggy out front and return to the ward for some O2 therapy and some ventolin...yep.
    Amazing name for sure.

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  3. BTW, i love the word mellifluous..I shall use it as one of the words to include in a story if I ever win the writing competition I enter every month :)