Thursday, May 24, 2007

Da trains

Isn't it marvellous. Ten new trains for Melbourne in 2009. Meanwhile six have been saved or resurrected from the dead. These old trains are like thirty or forty years old. They are still quite serviceable unless the the weather is warm. But what happens when the ten new trains arrive? Do these old six get retired and so we only get four extra trains? Or are they kept on to soldier on for a few more years?

And just like Sydney, we are going to add a couple of minutes here and there to timetables so that the trains can run on time. Funny, those dreadful old red rattlers used to make their trips in less time, while carrying far more people than trains do now, no matter how crowded you may feel. We have come a long way.

While in a tram today that was blocked from crossing Lonsdale Street by cars blocking the intersection crossing Swanston Street today, and again at Flinders Street I do really wonder whether this government has any committment to public transport.


  1. Money from the Motoring/Oil lobby versus the greater good? Hmmm, I wonder who's going to win that one?

  2. Not on the Belgrave / Lilydale line. Gah.

  3. Well it could be worse, you could be running late and get into the end of peak period where all trains go express to blackburn for some strange reason. Not one stop at Camberwell.

    Also have you seen the new information displays at Flinders Street? Very flash.

    I wonder if they're going to be installed right around the loop.

  4. Greater good is the phrase Rob. Unfortunately pollies in power seldom act for that.

    I still haven't checked about what you said about 40 min service Rosanna. Not that I don't believe you, I just want to see it for myself.

    Camberwell is an ulta important station Bobby. How can trains not stop there? Will check the new displays soon.