Friday, May 04, 2007


I may have mentioned this before, but my mother always likes to set the table for breakfast on the night before. I can't bear it. It looks like a mess for the whole night and is just unnecessary.

It seems my brother has the habit too though. He gets his breakfast ready the night before. Cluttering up our benches, pulling the jug and toaster unnecessarily away from the wall when they don't have to be moved to use them. I just could not live with him.

I asked him which cereal he eats so that I could at least get rid of one box. Both, he replied.

When I am a guest in someones house, I pick up clues from the what the person does. If they like their dishcloth hung over the tap, then that is what I will do. If they don't wear shoes inside, then I don't.

Mind you, his father did not have a brain injury and he was much the same.


  1. Anonymous1:45 pm


    Come and live with my house mate you'll love it NOT

  2. Familiar with all of that. (No, I DON'T/NEVER HAVE/WON'T do it!) All covered with a tea towell as I recollect. Reckon it's particularly a country thing. Yes?

  3. I am very adaptable Mercboi, versatile even. Write more blog posts. You are interesting.

    God, I had forgotten the tea towel over M'lord. Mohter must have inherited from her mother. They were from Clayton Sprinvale area, country back then I guess.

  4. Anonymous8:59 am

    I stumbled over you site AGES and AGES ago when searching for the opening times of Safeway in Balaclava. Haven't been back since. Was searching for Scott Maslen today and here I am again. How wierd is that?!? Well I think it is.

  5. I guess so Chris. Is Scott a character from The Bill. The name rings a bell.