Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Body corporate AGM

The annual body corporate general meeting is pretty much a tame affair, but they are interesting to go to because there are always new people who turn up, often with 'issues', and this one was no exception.

Last year it was an owner touting for business by wanting to have an intranet? installed in the building. When questioned further as to the purpose, he was somewhat vague. He was invited to attend a body corporate committee meeting but I had prepared R in advance to pull the rug from under him with the full info that many seemed unaware of, that the building was backbone wired by cable for both pay tv and cable internet. Smart work Telstra.

The year before it was an owner complaining about being victimised by a resident over his objections to her having a 'Please remove shoes' sign on her door. It was amazing how long this matter took and is only now being resolved because she is moving out.

This year it was an owner who wanted to install a raised storage cupboard in her carspace. She has lobbied, pressed the committee to overturn a decision to not allow them and now brought it up as general business with a motion to poll all residents. Motion defeated. Two votes for, her and some redneck on the top floor with too much money. Please, two car parks are not enough, he rents another two and fills them all with large 4wds.

There are two new committee members and I don't know either. One is woman who R dislikes because she barged past him in a walkway once. The other, a man of age unknown to me who offered by way of a public notice, to help people fit council supplied water saving shower heads. I am assured he is a nice bloke. I should not be so suspicious but it was not necessary to curry favour to get on the committee. There only needs to be an election if there are more than twelve nominees and there never is.

As is a shift worker's lot, I am unable to be on the committee. I assured someone that when N goes, in my old age, I will be his grumpy old man replacement.

I must say, should I be on the committee again, I will not be a 'nice guy' again. While I will always be polite, I will not allow them to drone on for hours with nonsense.


  1. Egads. Hands up all those who don't have to deal with body corporates, and are very glad of it?

  2. Keeps life interesting Daniel, for sure.