Saturday, May 26, 2007

Blog prob

I am alarmed. Bloglines, my blog reader, went down this morning and I expected it would be back online this evening but it isn't. I always look at your actual blog and only use bloglines to see if you have made a new post.
I put bloglines in google and discovered bloglines was taken over by, formerly known as is not working either.
Has there been a tech meltdown? Or will all be well in the morning?
Aplogies in advance if I don't read your blog for a while. I have sixty six to monitor and that is after a cull.


  1. Andrew, if you have continuing problems with Bloglines I can recommend Google Reader - I made the switch about six months ago and it's a superb feed reader.

    You can find instructions on how to import your existing feeds here :

  2. Thanks Tony. I will give it a shot. Why do I feel we are not getting Microsofted so much now, but instead Googled.