Friday, May 18, 2007

The bird

I was running late. Very unusual for me, but there is always the one last thing you have to do on the pc. I ended up not being late, but it was nature that held me up.

I looked out the window of the spare room to see if grey/black clouds were coming across the bay and would I need a brolly when I went back to work.

I saw a bird, a big bird. Albatross? Pelican? Not sure. Don't think it was an eagle or a falcon. I spent five minutes watching the bird. It was rising in the sky using air currents. Every so often it would give a couple of flaps of its huge wings, but mostly it just glided, but ever upwards. Higher and higher.

It went out of my view, so I raced to the balcony to continue and it was gone. Where could it have gone? Did it dive? Did it flap off somewhere else?

While I might miss ants moving sand around our paved courtyard, this bird watching thing that you can do in a highrise has me entranced.


  1. Just marvellous, I love pelicans, and at that height seeing them soar gracefully even though they are heavy birds, would be exciting.
    Must have been the weekend for thinking we would be late and yet arriving on time. I called work and said don't expect me until 1330 hrs and I made it at 1300hrs...without rushing anywhere.

  2. I am sure someone was pleased you arrived on time.

  3. Come to think of it, you are right, both sides of the ER were down 2 staff for the morning shift, mayhem.