Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bestard Boys

Bastard Boys on our ABC was not a bad show. The whole biz went on for months, so it was good to have it compressed to a few hours. My personal toughts, well, the waterfront needed reform and it was happening through negotiation. If I did not know what a conservative government was about already, I certainly learnt it then and it has gone on to other exesses.

The acting was first class, saleability to o/s, pretty well zilch. It was too Australian.

The waterside workers were treated like scum until they properly unionised in the 1940's. How is this for a statistic I just found in a book. One quarter of the work force in the forties suffered from stomach ulcers and a high percentage hernias. It was a terribly dangerous job back then.

The wharfies may well have gone to far in sixties, seventies and eighties but boy did they have a bit of making up to do.

I am not sure why I did not visit the protest site in the nineties in support. My sympathies were certainly with them. Perhaps it was not unlike the David Hicks case. It is not about the guilt or the persons but the processes. Processes and the law are so terribly important in our country. Without them, we have nothing to protect the weak from the powerful.


  1. A friend/neighbour of my mum was working waterside here for 30 odd years and I remember the protest in the 90's and the guys not bringing home a wage throughout.
    I wish I had caught the series myself now. I would think of Jack and his family.

  2. Hello Andrew! thank you for the comment!
    are you pure Australian? Because i just never thought that face such as Hide would attract westerners as well!

    Anyway I have always wanted to visit Australia and it is very close from Bali, where I am from. Only takes 4hours of flight to Perth.

  3. Good show for us amateur historians Cazzie.

    I wish I could remember how I first found out about him Bulan. He is handsome and I think most Westerners would admit that, even if Asian looks weren't their thing. But I like his sense of style too and his 'coolness'.

    You should visit Australia. Perth is not really where I would suggest though. Obviously I have a Melbourne bias, but Sydney is great for visitors too.