Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Aussie blokes

What image does 'Aussie bloke' conjure in your mind? I certainly have mind image but I think it may be little outdated.

Example one.

A work mate let me down. I would describe him as an ocker Aussie. I was annoyed at the time but I get over such stuff quickly. He apologised profusely at the time. He apologised the next time I saw him. And apologised once again and then I saw tears in his eyes. (I am guessing he is under some extreme stress)

Example two.

One of R's straight male workmates crashed a work car today. When he returned to work after the accident and saw R, he burst into tears. R did not know what to do. Comforting hugs for straight blokes is not the thing to do. R just told him, don't worry, no one hurt, only work car, insurance will pay.

Example three.

He was dressed like a building worker. Faded jeans, fag in the corner of his mouth and orange safety vest. He was walking a poofy little white dog on a red leash.

Thankfully I have my youngest brother as a good example of an Aussie bloke. He would never cry and not be seen dead with a poofy white dog. Having to introduce his older brother and his mate is bad enough for him.


  1. I so cannot handle a crying man - I'd rather be anywhere else.

  2. Aussie bloke, to me, used to be the Paul Hogan type of a guy.
    Nowadays, it is a guy who is true to his mates, no matter what. Looks do not come into it.

  3. Who was that athlete who was running in an Olympics when one of the other runners tripped. He stopped, helped this guy up, and then ran on to win the race? That should be the aussie bloke. Whenever I see that I almost end up crying.

    Oh, and that olympic ice skater who won only because the rest of the racers all ended up flat on the ice. That is an aussie bloke there, too.

    Whoever uses the phrase "un-Australian" is not an aussie bloke. That much I do know.

  4. Ex governor Ron Clark wasn't it?

    We do now the political slant of people who say 'unAustralian'.

  5. Broad church doesn't go far enough: wine dark sea more likely. But Rob's named two archetypal and varied examples: nobility; and windfall. We're all Aussie blokes, though. Full of all-Aussie traits no matter their differences.

  6. Yes Lad. I actually like that men can now shed a tear and not be afraid to walk a small white dog. Did it start with Hawke in tears when he was talking about the Tianmen Square massacre or when he was talking about his daughters drug problem?