Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Another one down

Another ex workmate died on Sunday. When someone coined the phrase
whinging Pom, I am sure they were talking about him. He and his wife lived very close to St Kilda Junction near Wellington Street. His wife proudly showed me the house pictures in the Home Beautiful magazine or something similar. I know her quite well.

Thankfully she is now free of the miserable old bastard, her husband and my workmate.

She has had two long time affairs with some other of my workmates. She likes dark skin. Mauritians are very much fun people to party with and Indians can be quite good at sex. The Indian one is still going on and I am not sure how that will pan out, given he has a wife and children and she is now free.

The last time I chatted to her, she was asking me about highrise living. She suggested than when her husband died, she might like to live in a highrise. I told R about it and he just rolled his eyes, as he does about anyone I know, until he actually knows them. It did strike me to ask, are you expecting A to die? Well, he has, and she now solely owns a house worth nearly a million dollars. Wonder what she will do?


  1. PMSL, such a candid post. Sounds like she got her cake and can eat it too now. I dare say her time will be happy now, now that a burden is lifted.
    My mum, not my mum but I call her mum, lost her hubby 3 years ago. He was sick for a long time before he died. He was a bastard to her, always. So, now, when she wants to come visit me, she does not get a call telling her to get her arse home NOW, and..we can go out and have lunch and go out and have tea, or even go to trivia and karaoke at the local if we want to..because he is not here to treat her so.

    With a million bucks, I would buy a yacht and travel the globe. No shit!

  2. Screw selling the place now! In six months, It'll be worth two million

  3. And she likes cruises Cazzie. She took the Indian bloke on a cruise a year or so ago.

    I exagerated slightly Rob, maybe $850K.

  4. Ahhh, so I was right (winks)