Thursday, April 12, 2007

Telstra SMS

Spin works in funny ways. This had slipped my mind until I was reminded of it by the Telstra apologist. Better he had said nothing. I was further reminded of it by a tale on the radio this morning.

R and I are disloyal Tesltra customers. Disloyal because we will slag them off at any opportunity. A couple of weeks ago he sent me an sms. When I saw him that evening, he was puzzled because he receive an sms confirmation sms from Telstra that the sms had been received. The text also suggested we go online to Telstra's website to find out about the confirmation sms.

We did this and it is a free Tesltra service for one month I think and then it would be charged. I am not sure by what right Telstra thinks it can default peoples phones to a new pay service, but that is what they did.

We went through his phone settings and turned the facility off on his phone and then checked mine but mine was already off. I have never touched it so I assume it was turned off by default. R's phone was turned on by default and guess what is the brand of his phone? Yep, Telstra.

Of course, if you ignore the Telstra sms and don't investigate further, and many won't, you will pay for those confirmation sms.

Just another reason why Telstra hating is such a national sport.


  1. Do you know how to ping to Aint No Sanity Clause's Telstra post ?

    His criticism attracted a Telstra marketing person to comment ! twice ! with LIES.

    and Beezlebublog has a Telstra phone problem rant too

  2. Geez ... I HATE Telstra!!! Is there any large company in Australia that has a poorer image or customer satisfaction level,

    If only people would get off their bums and see that there are companies offering a lot more for less money,

  3. I know what ping means Brownie, but unsure what you mean about GG's post.

    Yes Ron there are but we are pretty well trapped.

  4. I wouldn't use Telstra if they offered me their services for FREE!

  5. Telstra bashing should be a national sport.

    I am so good at it.

    My beautiful, baby, gorgeous, almost edible Motorola v3 was the height of sophistication when I brought it for ONE GRAND two years ago. 22 months later, it breaks.

    Proof that phones are only made to last two years? I think so.

  6. Love the passion Steph.

    Rosanna, you want to keep a phone for more than two years?

  7. It's like voice mail, if you have one and someone leaves a message, technically you're obliged to reply to it. I can't imagine how many hunded SMS's I haven't responded to simply because I didn't want to reply straight away. This screws everything up.

    Rosanna, your V3 lasted 22 months? Mine only lasted 14.

  8. 14 months? That's awful! Of course I do Andrew. I'm a girl on a travelling budget.

  9. Bobby, at least it is a choice thing, this sms lark is targeting the lazy and the ignorant.

    Your peers will judge you by your phone Rosanna.