Saturday, April 14, 2007

Rage Rage Rage

While it is flattering to be nominated for one of these meme thingy doozywhatsits, this is the last one I am possibly doing, unless it is about sex. I shall break the chain by not inflicting this on anyone else, but if you want to have a go..............(late edit, having written some entries, there is a strong connection between vids I liked and hot guys)

When Rage starts screaming from the tv on Friday or Saturday nights, I know it is time to go to bed. I have watched and taped some of it in the past, especially when the summer season Countdown is on.

So Brownie, I am a Rage guest programmer and I get to choose the music by the worth of the video clips. 'Fraid it is all going to be the eighties, although perhaps some seventies, with the exception of

Kylie Minogue's Can't Get You Out of My Head. What a dress, what style, what a woman and she has been pleasured by Michael Hutchence. Although obviously she was not enough for him. Auto erotic strangulation is perferable to Kylie???

As I grew up in very monocultural surrounds, the exoctic male has always had a fascination for me so that gives me a couple of videos.

Hush with Glad All Over, band members being two bare top Asian heritage and one Greek looking guy who perhaps wasn't and another or two who I took no notice of. As well as being bare topped, they wore figure hugging glam gear and high heels. Pooftahs, but hot!

MC Hammer with You Can't Touch This. Great boppy track and one of the earlier visually fast videos. Unlike now, we did not have much exposure to black dudes.......well I didn't, although there was one guy at an early nineties Mardi Gras after party........well, you don't want to know except for 'you want to what with that?'.

Prince's When Doves Cry. Great imaginative clip and although he was a butt ugly hairy little dude, he was sexy.

Kate Bush and Babushka. See Kylie, and I have loved the sound of smashing glass ever since.

Everybody in the House of Love, by boyband East 17. Energetic track and video.

How could a gay Rage programmer not include the Weather Girls with Raining Men. Fun clip.

Michael Jackson's Thriller. Spooky and just before he went too weird.

The Whitlams, with Tim Freedman unplugged singing of course There is no Aphrodisiac. Just Tim singing. Lazily sexy and great track.

No Limit, 2Unlimited. He was hot and she wasn't bad either. He did not age well.

I Want to Break Free. Queen's Freddie Mercury prancing about in a pink tutu. Priceless.

Lambada by Kaoma. Sexy Latin dancing. Hot!

Vogue by Mandonna.....yes, I did vogue.

Take That. A peirced nipple, how interesting, well it was back then. Sexy lads, alas no longer, not even Robbie Williams.

Dead or Alive, with You spin me round. Hmmm. Seen too much of Pete Burns lately, literally.

Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Show. The movie encapsulated.

Jingo by F K W. See the dude in that! Set at Carnival in Rio. Believe it was originally a Carlos Santana number.

Black Box with the Twelfth of Never. A handsome smouldering guy with long curly hair in frilly white pirate shirt. Nice.

Number nineteen, anything with Mick Jagger in it wearing ultra tight pants.

Slip an extra in here. Tina Turner with What's Love got to do with it. She looked fab and those boots! A friend visiting New York walked along the fence where she strutted. He was thrilled.

I just did a search of my blog and I thought I had posted this clip. Evidently not. Style Council's Long Hot Summer. As someone wrote, one of the most homoerotic clips ever made by straight(?) guys. That is 20 clips, say by five minutes including intros, just short of two hours. Enough for one programmer. Here is Long Hot Summer.


  1. I still love the lambada.

    *waits patiently for the sex meme*

  2. Respeck for the serious linky work.

    Too much time (vs the enjoyable stuff) on/in your hands! :0)

  3. oh yes PRINCE.
    damn I forgot him.
    my favourite is the concert clip where Sheila E comes in through the audience banging her drum and nearly wearing something RED. so hot; the little guys best VIDEO video is probably the psychedelic one Raspberry Parade ? - the one with clouds n stuff.
    and 10 points for The Time Warp - a classic.

  4. Dunno that I would be game really Jah Teh. Lambada, sex without connecting. So much less mess.

    Only took about three hours over three days M'lord. T'was nothing. Actually, I quite enjoyed looking at all the old stuffs.

    Ten points to you Brownie for Monsieur Lee Roth (he looks bad now) and Van Halen. In fact I ought to address it on your blog.

  5. Ah M'lord, only the underlined are links and they were easy.

  6. Like the choices, Andrew. They are great clips. Jingo is on Santana's Greatest Hits.

  7. Thanks Lad Litter. I did come across the Santana one when I was unsuccessfully hunting for the FKW version. It was much more orchestral than the dance beat version that I know, as it would be of course.