Friday, April 06, 2007

Portarlington finale

While we spent a brief time at Portarlington for my mother's birthday, I just had to play the smart ass. Every time a human or mechanical noise intruded, I would remark, 'ah, the sounds of serenity'.

As soon as we arrived I noted gum branches hanging on top of their accommodation. I thought if there is a wind, they will scrape on the roof.

It was not the most memorable birthday for Mum. She is not particularly well and a nice break away may be pleasant, but it does not cure ills.

I spoke to her this week and of course asked her how the couple of days went and it was not great. First night, tree branches brushing on roof, possums thumping around on roof, possums dropping stuff on roof, ditto second night.

The first morning, mother and step father testy from lack of sleep, fought. Second morning packed and ready to leave at 9.30.

My sister paid quite a lot of money for their accommodation and she understood it was to be right on the beach. It wasn't. Everyone was a bit disappointed I think.

She did get it right for Mum's seventieth birthday three years ago when it was quite similar, but the accommodation was the Sea Change cottage at Barwon Heads. That was a pretty special time.


  1. Hope your ma is feeling a bit better now.

  2. The whole point of tourism is to have a pleasant time, so the operators really are falling down on their job there. I am sorry for your folks negative experience.

    Booking distant accommodation is always a risk.

    I booked a hotel in Noumea once .... pre-internet, from brochure photos ... on arrival we were not pleased to see a new hotel in mid-construction right next door.
    The disturbance was so awful we changed hotels next day.

    Booked a circular B&B cabin in remote Tasmania via online website.
    On arrival, and not evident from the photos, the pretty cabin was right next to hosts farmhouse and their dogs barked ALL night.