Sunday, April 01, 2007

Poor choice of words in flower post

While putting the fox off the scent by pretending I am interested in flowers and posting weekly flower pics which takes about one minute of my time, I have totally diverted you from knowing how many hours I spend looking at porna in its many artistic forms.

But sad readers, you seem to be able to even read something into my most innocent flower picture posts. I make an innocent remark about handsomly erect flowers and it is taken the wrong way.

However, be they tiny native violets or montrous sunflowers, I don't care for limp flowers. If you bend them down and they spring back to upright, this is a clear indicator of a good healthy and fresh flower.

Nothing less comes into Highriser's apartment no matter how difficult they are price wise to swallow.


  1. Ah Andrew, it's not you. We're just big pervs.

    The flowers were beautiful. It would be a waste of money to buy them if they wouldn't last.

  2. Ah Daisy Jo, one day I will go too far and someone will say I am disgusting.

  3. 'Incorrigible' is the word that most readily comes to mind.

  4. That bit of innuendo went straight past me. Thanks for pointing it out. I shall make sure to mention it in the future.

  5. Sedgwick let it pass so it's got to be me, CameraFace you're disgusting....but I like you and your flowering erects.

  6. Rosanna8:28 am

    I for one didn't read anything into it. Naive?

  7. Just young and innocent Rosanna. Please stay that way.


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