Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Out of breath

I am lacking something to write about so I will just tell you about my day. Day off, so as usual I stayed up too late chatting to cute bois online and had one too many glasses of wine, so it was a late and fuzzy start when I was awoken by a text message at 8.40.

Coffee, need coffee.

By 10.30 I had managed to shower, talk to ex NT policeman on the phone enquiring about his partners missing brother in Fiji, put on a load of washing and put the dishwasher on. Also dealt with emails, blogs and the latest hottest Euroboy porn.

Then cereal and toast and managed to finish last Friday's newspaper. With recylables under arm for dumping in the recyling facilities, I went across the road for a decent cup of coffee.

Noted building manager at desk talking on phone and I want to thank him for a small task he did. Have coffee and forgot to bring Monday's paper to read. Instead read cafe provided Herald Sun. Fill blood pressure medication script at chemist next door.

Return home and speak to building manager and he tells me tomorrow is his last day. I am alarmed. Send text to R.

Sort some washing and drying. About 1pm email arrives from influential body corp committee person mentioned building manager's departure. Forward to R and sms him to tell him I have sent him an email.

Count emails to do with the building today and get to 10.

Non electronically transfer whiteboard shopping list to thin sheet of wood product.

Walk out building door to see appropriate tram to local shops just departing. Peer down road and see bus has just gone past too. Should have walked, but allergic reaction skin problem has broken out on my heel so I am not up to walking. (What did I eat to cause this? Only thing I can geuss that is unusual is expensive posh cheese we took to Portarlington).

Last tram must have been late. Another soon arrives. Alight at Commercial Road Officeworks to check out labels for but so expensive. I will just stick some glue on printed cut out labels.

Walk on with sore heel and just miss Chapel St tram. Walk on to Post Office for latest first day cover and they don't have it yet. Buy pork and salad roll for lunch. Buy a couple of bottles of wine from Dan Murphs, buy easter egg for R, shop in Coles. Home on a horrible old bus that has air con but it it is not switched on. Sweat breaks out.

Finish dealing with washing, read local paper, more computer stuff, empty dish washer, pick nose, perve on window cleaners.

R arrives home. Chat, go down and have a swim and a spa. R has his nana nap while I catch up on the 2/3rds of last nights Foreign Correspondent that I did not see.

Shower and shave and an sms arrives. Will look later. Should have looked immediately.

Set off at seven in motor car to badly named Chinese restaurant in Chapel Street, via electric bank next door. Phone rings, did you get my text? We meet at 7, not 7.30. Should have checked sms. Met dyke friends for dinner at badly named Chinese restaurant and as last time, the food and service were superb.

Writing it all down seems like I did a bit today. But really I felt I did nothing except have a really nice meal out with good company.

I was a bit reactive today to not having a day off for eight days. But I have another day off tomorrow and I will get out and do something above the normal.


  1. Well, so now I know what your day off work consists of. Mmmmm, Chinese, sounds great. I used to frequent Chapel Street when I was nursing at the Alfred Hospital. Wonders if it was similar or same as restaurant I used to go to somtimes. My fav place is Cafe Sienna though, love it :)

  2. I don't know Cafe Sienna Cazzie, but the Chinese one is called Good Luck restaurant.

  3. Which Euroboy movie did you watch?htt

  4. phil atterly!

    I have many from early eighties for bequeathing if you are interested?

  5. Just a term I used Euroboyfilms. General porn really.

    I too have many from back then Brownie and never watch them since the net. My attention span for porn is now about 5 seconds.

  6. "5 seconds", a sharp shooter then.

  7. Multiples of five seconds Jah Teh.