Friday, April 27, 2007

Net Panic

I bet I am not the only one in panic at the moment. I have downloaded 9.687 gigs this month and my allowance is 10 gigs. I still have three days to go. How will I explain 'throttlaling' to R, which is what will happen if I go over. Just email and browsing for three days. I can do that. That must have been an awful lot of music I downloaded. Can't find it though.


  1. I hope you're regularly scanning for spyware and all other nasties that can change your downloads! You should be able to pick up a download metre somewhere around the place to keep track of what you're downloading. If not, relax about the throttling business. It'll only be for a day or two. Much worse things can happen!

  2. I'm on unlimited downloads. It's friggin expensive, but worth it.

  3. Yeah, do all that Rob and I have a meter. I just need to watch it.

    I normally don't come close to 10gb Steph. Bit unusual this month.

  4. Oi, Steph, about the threesome, let me just say I TOLD YOU SO!

    When are you young'uns going to listen to us old crones of the forest?

    Downloading pron again Andrew?

  5. Only the tiniest tiniest bit JahTeh.