Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Letter to the Herald Sun by Outraged of St Kilda Road

Sometimes I do not know how I go on. R sometimes mentions the Derrinallum option and I could be sorely tempted.

Australia should be a geat place to live for many people. Why can I write a list of problems in the lucky country so readily off the top of my head?

Diana Brimble on a P and O Cruise. Out for a good time perhaps and a little incautious. Allegedly drugged by the drugged and died........and her mother just died too.

Hicks in a US jail. An Australian citizen held without trial for five years by a foreign government and the Australian government does nothing to free him from his captors.

Our governments have not made adequate provision of water for its citizens.

Without direct cost to your pocket, you can get some of the best health care in the world in Australia's public health system. Why doesn't this apply to what is in you mouth, that is your teeth. Dental costs are huge.

While Australia is a large country, it is already ecologically unsustainable with the 20 million plus we have. Why are we adding more? It will have to stop at some point.

Why do policitians, already quite wealthy, feel the need to to aquire more and more by disreputable means? Snouts in troughs indeed.

Why does our economy seem to depend on building more and more houses?

If we keep extracting water, gas and oil from underground, what is replacing it? Is it all going to cave in one day?

How many kids live near Fitzroy Street, St Kilda that they need their own skate park in an established park?

Add your own.


  1. Why do we live in a world where John Lennon is murdered, but Andrew Bolt is allowed to continue living?

  2. Anonymous5:19 pm

    On the upside... Keating! the musical