Monday, April 30, 2007

Guest at the highrise

My aquired brain injury brother is staying with us for a few days while he does an occupational health and safety course in the city. Not sure why he is staying, as while he left here at 7.35 this morning to get to the venue, one of his workmates left where she lives in the same town and caught the 6.50 train. Hardly seems worth his bother.

I am always watching him from the corner of my eye to check that he is not doing anything silly. I just missed one as I type. He just made himself a cup of tea, but used green tea and not black tea and was about to add milk and sugar to it. He asked R why the tea was so weak.

It is only for three nights so I can cope with an unmade bed, a chair not pushed in and a cup rinsed and then placed on my clean sink instead of either just left on the sink or put in the dishwasher. Haha, says more about me than him hey.

Hard going on R too, as he has to provide the meals as well as ready himself for next weeks trip and prepare food for me in his absence. He always feels such obligation to guests that he goes further than I like him too. Best not to offer my reformed alcholic brother a light beer or a glass of wine. R treats him as a guest. I treat him as my brother and if wants something, he can ask or get it himself.

He will be back for two nights next week when I will be on my own, eek.

In fairness to R, I suggested we will go out for dinner tomorrow night, and brother readily agreed. It will be the usual, trying to extract money from him for the meal but I am aware of this and why he is like that. I just ignore it and insist.

The Transport Accident Commision did a remarkable job with his rehabilitation. Truly remarkable, but there are some processes he was taught that don't impact very well on those around him. Doesn't matter. We make allowances and know how well the TAC did and how well he does.


  1. Good to hear a positive story about the TAC. All I seem to hear is doom and gloom and rather large profits.

  2. Yes, usually, a guest, whether it be family or friend is ok for up to 3 days, then afterwards they are just pains in the butt!!
    I have a friend (who is more like a brother to me) who suffers ABI from two car accidents and he also has acquired personality traits that other people do not understand, nor do they forgive him when he stuffs up out in the community. TAC have also been good to him aswell.
    It is tough for everyone, especially his mum (who is like a mum to me), she is his Taxi between appointments and so forth.
    Good for you and R for being there and giving him a go. You are wonderful people :)

  3. And credit also Rob to Dandenong Public Hospital. They were also marvellous.

    It was terribly hard on my mother Cazzie. Thankfully he is pretty independant now.

  4. Marvellous for him, I am glad he is doing ok for himself, seen some bad shit our there, always good to see someone moving on up.