Saturday, April 14, 2007

Famous non bearded resident

If I run into them in the lift I am going to pretend that I am not noticing that they are joined together, just like our dog used to pretend not to notice black balloons.

R said he saw a radio person on tv take their, that is our building's, remote control from them so that he can drop in on them any time to check that they are joined.

I believe they are doing live broadcasts from within the building at night.

There are an awful lot of questions in my mind about this but I don't really want them answered.

Pic is from their website.


  1. Am I the only one that finds two cute boys stuck together rather arousing???

    Don't answer that.

  2. Rosanna7:45 pm

    This is a stunt for their radio program. Someone accused them of never fulfilling their promises (or something) so they're remaining attached until Sunday night on Rove live. The Eye in the Herald Sun is involved. They'd love to hear from you Andrew ;)

  3. Well Steph, I did wonder how long two young guys could go without a tug of the todger. But wondered about other bodily functions too.

    I pretend to be an intellectual snob Rosanna. I never listen to commercial radio/tv and don't read the tabloids, so therefore cannot recognise them. Strangely I am remarkably well informed about their stunt. R saw his g/f Megan Gale in our harsh fluoro lit carpark when they were going to his car. He knew she was someone, but I had to look her up for him, and myself.

  4. Intellectual snob? Meh. I don't even listen to fox FM and I knew all about it.

  5. It's a fake. My money is on the whole Big Brother crap. That competition? The ad with those two guys joined? That's where my money is.