Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Emails sent, letters written

I am not the only letter writer. Blogging mate Rob was published in The Age regarding the disgrace that is the major thoroughfare of our city, Swanston Street. Along with some complaints about tour coaches in Swanston Street as well, I thought it was a good time to strike while the iron is hot so I sent an email to Catherine Ng, the only City of Melbourne councillor who I have met.

Along with Swanstson Street, I also had something to say about skaters skating over the Bali Memorial, the lack of preparation for drought conditions and letting grass die and then replacing it while we are still in drought conditions and the lack of lighting maintenance on Princes Bridge.

Then another off to Mayor Bolitho of City of Port Phillip regarding a new skate ramp in a public park, my opinion of Fitzroy Street and the St Kilda Festival. The festival everyone goes to except local residents over 30. Soothing email promptly sent back.

Letter to building body corporate over the matter of trying to save money by not having the building's cooling system maintained.

Email to real estate agent re our our tenant and flat. See next post.

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  1. BTW I got a call from the Caulfield Leader asking to verify my identity. They're going to publish my letter next week regarding the barriers along Brighton Rd. Keep up the good work and maintain that rage!