Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Sunday

As mentioned, I find easter boring and I am quite happy to work and collect an extra dollar or two. So, after a hard day at work, would you think I would want to go out and party in Fitzroy Steet, St Kilda? Normally no.

But it was judiciously arranged to be early by sister in law, so old folk like moi, we can do early stuff.

Home from work at five, shower and dress and catch tram to st kilda. Nephew is working at Metropol, the old St Kilda Railway Station. And he has managed to get his mate a job there too.

Im spite of nephew shouting us a a drink and coffee and his mate shouting us one also, it still cost a bomb for a meal and a couple of drinks.

I am not sure that 40 year old sister in law, her wheel chair bound 79 year old mother, her (usually sullen) 18 year old daughter and the ageing gay uncles (us) are quite the sort of clientele Metropol wants to attact, but we paid and we had a good time and sis in law got an offer from a security guard.

Nephews dreads are so much better now. They drape very nicely. He has lost weight too and looks good. I would not be so impressed if he ended up working in the Langwarrin bottleshop and I think he could do better for himself even now, but working at the Metropol, living with his g/f at Beacon Cove and about to move to a room in North Melbourne because he needs his space, well, not so bad.

Niece is a big lass with big jhobies but gee is she pretty. I realised she had full make up on tonight and it was skillfull but understated application. She looked stunning and she was almost friendly to the gay uncles. I said to R, she will get better. I will guess that it will be her pushing the gay uncles around in their chairs.

Favourite niece is somewhere off in the country..Lakes Entrance or some god forsaken similar place.

Nephew had planned to bash off to Scotland in July. Now he is talking about December. Nephew, I said, you know it will be winter?


  1. I was in Scotland in April, and while the sun shon, the wind still occasionally managed to bite through the ol' jumper and jacket. Yes, it will be colder in December...

    xx Ren

  2. Are you back already Ren, or in a net cafe?

  3. December in Scotland - ha ha haaaaa.
    I can remember being young and unaware.