Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter boring

I am not displeased to be working until Monday. Easter can be pretty boring. Shops shut indeed. Even work is a bit boring but I make the best of it.

Today I saw an elderly woman being taught how to drive an electric wheelchair. She was doing ok until she had to mount a small gutter. She did that ok, but when she had to reverse back over the gutter, she went too fast, did not look behind her and banged into the gutter on the opposite side and almost tipped over. God help anyone who was walking along the path behind her. She had the same expression and concentration that you see on a young motot car learner driver, albeit a bit saggier. Roll on the future. I just want a muscly young dude to carry me around.

I saw a woman tip over in an electric wheelchair once. It was a three wheeler, probably not a good idea, and she was travelling way to fast. She must have hit her forehead on the road and was bleeding. A nice man stopped his car next to her to assist. Another passer by rushed up screaming at him and telling him how evil he was for knocking the poor old lady over with his car. It is not often I feel sorry for a 4wd driver, but I did for this one.

This morning I saw an old Greek woman trying to get a very heavy looking shopping jeep onto a tram. I think it must have been full of potatoes, it looked to weigh that much. The tram driver would not assist, bad back he said. A nearby passenger also had a bad back and would not help. Eventually a passer by helped her on with it. It clearly weighed a ton. I think of my late, widowed grandmother, without decent public transport, no one to lift anything for her..... I really don't know how she managed. She obviously could not overfill a shopping jeep with Saturday morning cheap produce and expect other people to do the work.


  1. Rosanna9:11 pm

    We're online at the same time. Le spooky, as I was just about to comment on your last past when the page refreshed.

    I can't believe you all stayed in the SeaChange cabin. Excuse me while I die of jealously. Rosanna loves SeaChange.

  2. I know you do Rosanna. I did love the show too. We did not all stay there though, just Mum and step father. We just visisted for the day. So, who would you prefer to be romantic with, McInnes or Wenham? Think I would choose Wenham. Just looked at the cast list and that was Phrani you saw in the lift.

  3. The way they hoon around in those things is just dangerous, there should be a speed limit.

    Some old people shit me, they thing we owe them something just because they've been here longer than us, she should have had her shopping delivered and what you doing pervin all these old ladies anyway??? you jumpin the fence?

  4. 'I just want a muscly young dude to carry me around' ME TOO.

  5. Those women with the shopping jeeps? I'm convinced they're all moving house, half a dozen bricks at a time. I don't mind helping as it gets me off my arse, but at the same time I'm amazed that these people shop without considering their own strength and ability.

  6. No chance Jo. I watch old ladies to see how well they can use the system and people to their advantage, and yes, there should be some anti hoon laws for oldies in motorised wheel chairs.

    We can share one Jah Teh, but I need him Sundays to carry me to church.

    That is the real point Rob. They overload beyond what they can manage.

  7. To hell with old people and their stupid heavy shopping jeeps. I'm not endangering my health/safety to lug their crap up and down tram steps. If they don't like it, they can a) lick my balls and b) move to another tram route with low floor trams and platform stops.

    Also, boobies are nice.

  8. Rosanna9:17 pm

    Sorry for my tardie reply.

    Tardie? Tardy? Not sure. Either/or?

    I should stop using big words I don't understand.

    No, I saw Carmen. Her real name is Alice Garner, but I was reluctant to post it... not sure why. Maybe because I'm scared of google?

    She was the hippy one - do you remember her? With the baby? And she ripped off all those chefs? Meredith's neice?

    Hi, my name is Rosanna and I am a seachange NUT.

    Did they enjoy the cabin?

    Also, I am DEFINITELY team McInnes.

  9. Tardy, I think. Of course, yes, Phrani was the older Indian woman who married.......the caravan chappie. I had the person right, but the name wrong. They enjoyed it very much and the location is so beautiful.

  10. Rosanna11:33 pm

    Yeah, Kevin. Phrani has my name sake.