Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Dear John

Dear John Thwaites. I wrote a letter to you. It was troublesome because apart from carefully constructing the letter, our printer was not working and I had to email the letter to my partner at work for him to print out and then print out the envelope and bring it home for me to mail to you.

I expect you did not really want to know my opinion on Melbourne's and Victoria's water storage problems because when I say it up to you, our government, to supply us with water, it gets a bit challenging. I expect the extra I added as an afterthought about huge new suburbs stringing out without rail transport is not what you wanted to hear either. Not a problem for me me in St Kilda Road or you in Middle Park though. No worries matie, I understand.

But in these days of a quick email, I would have thought you would have had the courtesy to reply to a written letter. No matter, I am sure my letter when on the pile 'anti'.

But do remember, a 'gay icon' local member should not take everyone for granted. Maybe my next voting preference will go to an unelectable.


  1. Rosanna10:06 pm

    I'm so proud that you wrote a letter. Bravo!

  2. Yes !!
    My Federal Member (C.King, Labor) replied specifically to my critical email.

  3. A low profile member obviously has some time on his hands. I have never heard of him, but of course go on ya for emailing him.