Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wot I bin watchin on da box

The usual ABC dross. News, 7.30 Report, The Bill, Australian Story, Catalyst, Foreign Correspondent, Gardening Australia (odd, since I don't have one), Collectors (don't have old stuff anymore, except the b/f), never miss Media Watch (usually watch it on the PC) and Stateline. I have broken my New Years resolution and missed Landline a couple of times.

R corrupts to me to commercial TV, with All Saints, Greys Anatomy, Seven's six o'clock news and Today Tonight. I still refuse to watch Ugly Betty. I corrupted myself by becoming hooked on Desperate Housewives. I just love it. I want to marry Gabrielle and have Bree as my mother.

R also likes a show called Deal or No Deal. I have seen it many times and I still don't understand how it works. Bring back Graham, Noeline, Noel and Ugly Dave in Blankety Blanks please. Not that I watched that often.

This is only meaningful to those who are devoted to ABC tv and radio. Weekend news and Stateline presenter Kathy Bolan is great on tv. She was awful when she was on radio. Sounded so harsh. Whereas I don't like Ali Moore much on Lateline Business, she was fabulous when she filled in on ABC Melbourne radio.

Quite a few years ago, at home alone, I watched Cape Fear, the nineties remake. It was the most edge of my seat movie I have ever seen. (The Birds was a contender, as was The Exorcist)

Most tv shows don't do that for me, but Spooks from the BBC certainly does. You cannot sit at your pc futzing and watch it, you must just sit and watch it and concentrate. It is gripping. Interestingly, from vague memory, filming of this series we are now seeing was wrapped up a day near the day of the London bombings. It was held for a while and then the terrorists were changed from Muslims to Jews.

I never watch daytime tv, although I break this rule for something I have taped and R does not want to watch it. I catch an occasional bit of daytime tv when a tape is rewinding, such as Judge Judy. What a harriden she is.

I suppose the implausibly name Rupert Penry-Jones (pictured) is the star of Spooks. He is hot as. Perhaps I could have a threesome with him and Gabrielle? Maybe I will just watch.


  1. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Give Ugly Betty a look. If only to see how American commercial TV has progressed to the point of portraying a 12 year old boy playing a raving queen in a positive light.

  2. Anything on the ABC you have to sit and watch because there are no ads and the story isn't broken into 10 second bit for the moron majority of commercial watchers.

    I love Spooks and it's Miss Marple night.

  3. I must have seen a bit as I know who you are talking about Anon. Last week he was in a sailor suit.

    Yep Jah Teh, home in time for Miss Marple, tea in fine china and toast at my side. Sherry later.

  4. I loved Blankety Blanks!!! Bring it awwwnnnn :) I miss being embarrased watching many of the people who participated in Red Faces on Hey Hey It's Saturday!!
    I love to watch all the CSI shows and Cold Case and , when I can remember it is on, Inspector Rex :) I like to also watch Bondi Rescue, the kids see some of the things I do that is not in a Beach Setting, of course :)
    I am like you, we don't watch Ugly Betty, never will.

  5. I'm strangely addicted to that Antiques Roadshow. WTF? It's the same with cooking shows, even though i can't even boil water.

  6. I suspect there could be reasons why I might watch Bondi Rescue Cazzie, but I haven't.

    Seen it a couple of times Steph, bit interesting. Like me you like the theory of cooking.

  7. I love SPOOKS and have a total crush on the 'Tom' character (M.McFadyen?). *swoons*

  8. Back from following your link -
    "Tom eventually managed to prove his innocence. He was exonerated of any wrong-doing and returned to the Service. However, it wasn't to be for long. Tom's moral questioning of his job caused a massive crisis of confidence. He jeopardised an important mission and Harry was forced to de-commission Tom from MI5. His career is now over and he is no longer a Spook".

    well he was just too good, and went off to make some Major Motion Pictures didn't he?.

    I love spy stuff and can recommend the 2 novels of Stella Rimington the former MI5 head.

    Despite watching Spooks for a long time on FTA and payTV, I had never taken any notice of Harry being played by peter firth.
    What a shock - Firth was a beautiful boy with long blond curls when he played EQUUS on the London stage in the 1960's.

  9. Ok, interesting Brownie. I recall his name for days past, but not Equus. Tom had a dreamy voice.

  10. Got it now. Heartbeat, Shadowlands and Picture of Dorian Gray.

  11. 'tis a toss up ('scuse me language) who would you want to go to bed with (with the remote control firmly in your hand) Rupert Penry-Jones or Miss Marple ... could turn a rusted on hetero ... VERY easily.

  12. I'd be satisfied with Craig Reucassel from The Chaser, myself.

  13. No doubt Miss Marple has hidden talents, but they ever so well hidden. Wish Rupert would have a shave sometimes though, although I would happy to do it for him.

    Craig is cute Skander. You saw the pic in last weeks Age then! Reckon his bod was shaved or natural?

  14. Give me Joan Hickson's Miss Marple anyday over the silly ninny one we have at the moment. Just the right amount of gimlet in her gaze. Though it may be hard to get ol' Hicksy acting again...

    And no Andrew, I did not see his photo in The Age. Can you find it for me? Mmmmm.

  15. Cannot find it now Skander. It was a still from last night's speedo scene.

  16. Oh yes Skander. Very natural and very nice.