Friday, March 23, 2007

What a day

I really know how to choose my day off. Not really, it is just one of my days off for the week.

I left the aircon on last night and as well as sleeping extra well, it was lovely and cool to get up to when it was 27 deg (80F) outside in the early morning. Over the day the temperature climbed to just on 37 deg (98F). Bit unusual for late March. It is supposed to be Autumn.

After futzing at the pc for a couple of hours, eating, showering and dressing, I was off shopping at around ten. Just before I left I heard that the City Link tunnels were about to close.

A neighbour in the lift was heading off to his house in Mount Eliza via his cardiologist. Not going on City Link are you, I asked. No, he replied.

By time I arrived at the shops in the car, there were reports of a massive accident in one of the City Link tunnels and the other had been closed to evacuate people by foot as there had been an explosion and fire. Smoke was pouring from the ventilation stacks at South Bank and Richmond. Three plus were killed.

By the time I was home the disaster was becoming clearer. Gallery here and here.

Then workmen ruptured a high pressure gas pipe just off Glenferrie Road, Malvern. Trains on the Pakenham, Dandenong and Frankston line had to be stopped as did the Kew to the City via St Kilda tram. Glenferrie Road remained closed for hours.

I had plenty to do at home and only ventured out again to across the road for coffee. I ran into a neighbour who had just come from the city and she said the police were at Flinders Street controlling the crowds who were waiting for trams that were not arriving, no doubt due to the traffic congestion caused by the closure of the tunnels and the Glenferrie Road gas leak.

Fires were starting up in various outer Melbourne areas because of the wind and weather.

A truck on fire on a major country freeway.

A dust storm in Colac.

What a disaster of a day. It was interesting to listen to everything as it unfolded on the radio and the online newspapers as the day went on. The Age, after a slow initial and more cautious start, soon caught up the Herald Sun and overtook them in the tunnel accident coverage.

I also got a lot done at home, furniture moved and vacuumed under, skirting boards cleaned, ironing, etc etc. Quite and satisfying day and an interesting one as well.


  1. .. and ('scuse me being flippant when I shouldn't be, but I'm a serial offender who has been advised by a number of well paid professionals - and even more underpaid amateurs - that there is no chance of rehabilitation) unfortunately for Little Johnny, there was no evidence of terrorism having been involved.

    Never been through that tunnel without (like I do when I'm in the dentist's chair) my fingernails bloodily clenched into my claustrophobic palms.

    Also i've never been through the City Loop without clutching me solar powered Acme Hail Mary Greek worry beads close to me vitals.

    Once a wuss always a wuss.)

  2. I loathed my only tunnel experience as a driver, and whatever the excuses for the collision are, I know that trucks go too fast for their weight, and that sedan drivers fail to understand that you must not slot yourself sideways into the gap in front of a truck !

    They need that extra distance for braking.
    who the bloody hell can't figure that out.

    I thank my vegetarian god that it was not a livestock truck.

  3. M'lord, we use the tunnel maybe more than once a month and it is such a smooth pleasant experience. Re Little Johnny, has it been established that the driver was not a person of 'Middle Eastern appearance.

    Brownie, you have the matter sorted in an economical few words.