Monday, March 12, 2007

The Wet Patch

Subject line catch your attention? I can't recall the last time I had a wet patch in public, that is I was so excited by someone that I leaked a bit.

Nah, I am talking about The Patch, which is where we were today. The Mountain Women picked up Dame M on Thursday evening as her boarder was away on family business. It is a very long time since Dame M stayed away from home for more than one night. But she had been ensconced in the hills among gum trees and critters for a few nights and seems to be coping. "I lived in Belgrave when I was five", she said. "There is a monument somewhere, but I can't find it". You had to be there. She later said to me that she was finding it a little quiet up there.

We, R, moi and the Brothers surmised on our journey up the hills as to whether it would be mud brick, western red cedar, bluestone, or whatever. I won with with western red cedar, with cockatoo bites in it.

Plain house, not bad garden, decorative, fruit, vegetables, lots of bloke sheds for women and a couple of dogs. It was great fun and the Mountain Women are good at local history. I got an update on Burnham Beeches, the old home of the Aspro family.

All houses in the Dandenongs must have a deck to look out on the forest, theirs is no exception.

One dog, Marx, (Karl I asked? No Marks and Spencer, forgot she was from Huddersfield) chose the most attractive person present to make love to their leg. Guess who! He never does that normally they said amid the laughter. My sexual attraction is omnipresent, either that or I can pull a dog easily.

We stayed far later than we intended, as you do when you are having fun and there are drinks and food involved. Andrew got approval to have more wine when R said he would drive home. One of the Mountain Women backed our car down the steep and curvy driveway and we were off quickly down the hills back to suburbia loaded with left over food, lemons, grapefruit and dahlias.


  1. I went to Burnham Beeches when it was a 'Nouvelle Cuisine' up market eatery. I swear the kookaburras got more to eat than I did. Only place I've ever left hungrier than when I arrived. What are they turning it into now? Last I heard it was going to be a wedding reception venue with chapel. Beautiful old house inside and out.

  2. Eat the rich, (i.e. those buggers wot made a fortune out of that farce wot was served up on one metre diameter plates with a lonely little nasturtium garnish aside the gnat's ball-sized main course whose name was "nou-bloody-velle cui-'k'n'-sine" ) then for afters wrap yer fangs around a kookaburra mousse. Yer'll be laughin'.

  3. I believe it still is going to be a reception place with work still under way. A friend from the past used to play the piano there sometimes.

  4. And here I was wanting to know if it's you that sleeps in the wet patch!

  5. No wet patch for me Steph. I bolt off to my own bed.