Thursday, March 29, 2007

Verboten 2

As I clearly indicated back in this post, I am against the compulsory government elimination of the sale of standard light bulbs. One rule does not fit all. I have since learned that if the manufacture of the much more complicated energy efficient bulbs is taken into account, there may not be much saving in the big picure anyway. I have now stocked up on a supply of ordinary light bulbs. So there! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.


  1. You're such a rebel Andrew!
    Power to the people! Literally!

  2. Onya Mate.

    There would be fewer than 20 globes involved in any average residence, so I cannot see how eliminating them would even begin to compensate, when entire cities are LIT UP TO THE SKY with advertising.
    I want them to clean all that up before they cause me extra expense.

  3. I bought a pack of the smallest Philips compact fluros last week but they are still not small enough to fit in my lights fittings so that I can get the glass covers back on.

    I did put one in the bedroom and it is VERY annoying. It has a tiny almost unnoticeable flash every second. Trouble is the 'almost unnoticeable' is noticeable when I'm trying to sleep. Although I know it's flashing I still have to check it every few seconds.

  4. You are taking the p*** Steph...aren't you.

    Brownie, our light globes against our air conditioning....nothing.

    Take em back Ron and get your supply of incandescent.