Saturday, March 24, 2007

Tunnel Trouble

As tragic as Melbourne's tunnel accident was, this is one tunnel I really would avoid.........or maybe it the drivers who you would need to avoid.


  1. How on earth is driving down a tunnel so hard?

    (Love the guy towards the end who sees the crash in front of him, then decides to change lanes to try and get around it. Yeah whatever, keep going...)

  2. With a PT bent, I think the artic bus is a ripper. And after yesterday, I would get away from an accident scene as quickly as possible too.

  3. Hopefully, the result of Friday's horror, will be a uniform 50 kph speed from tunnel start to finish,

    all drivers stopped by booze busses
    to Never Slide Across Into The (necessary) Space In Front Of A Truck, You Moron!.

  4. In Russia, Tunnel Drives You!

  5. oh wow - I've watched it now and I cannot believe that final one where the car rolls 3 times and the driver actually MOVES when the car finally stops.
    In my only crash (hit by a speeding drunk) I was knocked unconscious immediately and missed everything.
    and sorry Daniel, but I'm with the guy who was just gonna get around the crash and continue his own journey.
    Just think about all the flow-on problems of the people evacuated Friday:
    missed pickups,
    missed dental appointments,
    failure to collect passports for trips TODAY,
    failed deliveries to others waiting and dependant on them,
    ... the mind boggles at the myriad reasons for taking a drive - but I do know that the stupid selfish driver who started it all, completely screwed up everybody's day and I just hope he is one of the fatalities.
    Trucks and sedans should have separate lanes and never be allowed to criss-cross each other.
    Take a drive on the western highway or on the Western Wing Woad any weekday for proof.

  6. I have found confirmation of my suspicion

    from The Age this morning:

    "Two cars behind the truck were trying to merge into the middle lane to get around it. Another semi-trailer came up behind them"

    Those two cars took up the space required by the semi, which was probably exceeding the recommended speed; and if those 'two cars' had only 'reallyfloored it' the horror would not have happened.

    of course, they didn't 'floor it' because of speed limits and fines.


  7. Emergency lanes not installed due to cost. That's the bottom line literally.

  8. OMG, my heart was in my throat watching this!!!