Wednesday, March 21, 2007

This week's flowers

Nothing like some bright red gladdies to cheer the mood.


  1. Aww, I love me gladdies. My other half just stepped in the door with a big bunch of flowers for me 10 mins ago.
    I used to have gladdies in the garden at our place in Altona. All colours too.

  2. Special occasion Cazzie? Should we be wishing you happy.......?

  3. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Aren't they Dame Edna Everage's (Barrie Humphries) favourite flower?
    I remember her telling us her New Year's resolution one year. She said.. 'This year Iv'e decided to think just a little bit more more about myself, and less of others.'

  4. Indeed they are her favourites and she still tosses them to the audience, as we saw recently when we saw her perform.

  5. Rosanna9:55 pm

    They are beautiful flowers :) Dame E lives just near me. I saw the Mr Man himself only a few days ago, and was tempted to kiss his feet for saving the station with Mr. Rush... but, you know - didn't want to draw attention to myself.

    (PS: STILL having issues commenting on blogger)

  6. Thanks Rosanna. But the station site is not saved yet. You will have a mini village there at the latest news.

  7. Very pretty. Do you buy flowers weekly? I love flowers around the house but daughter has allergies so our house is now flowerless :-(.

    Years ago (pre daughter days) a friend who worked at a cemetary used to take trailer loads to the tip every week so he used to bring me some of the better ones. My house was always looked and smelled so pretty.

    And no... I don't think it's sick lol, I'm sure the person who the flowers were intended for would rather they be sitting on my table rather than on a pile of rubbish at the tip.

  8. Yep, weekly Jo. So you used to have lots of white lillies and arums?