Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thank you linesmen, thank you ballboys

And thank you Public Transport Users Association and the St Kilda Road resident(s).

PS I did not send the letter as I wrote it in my blog. It ended up being a bit more sensible and I received a prompt reply informing that there would soon be improvements.


  1. There is a grogblog on Friday 16th March, at the Exford Hotel, cnr Little Bourke & Russell, in the upstairs part.
    You can sit quietly in a corner and decide if you want to know us blog rowdies. Brownie is attending and I believe the GG might grace us with his august presence and large feet.

  2. To be more accurate Ms Copper, my "large presence and august (and lethal) feet".

    Shall be there with balls - err, bells - on.

    Shall be taking the wise advice of Johnny Cash to heart and will be leaving me "balls at home son. Don't take your balls to town son. Don't take your balls to town."

    For your own sake Copper, I hope you'll be wearing your amour (even armour) clad Dr Scholls. As you well know my feet have a mind of their own and a predisposition for taking no prisoners. ("Call that footsies?! THAT'S footsies.")

  3. Almost worth taking a sickie for. Alas I will be slaving at the coal face.

  4. That last comment from the article is absolutely priceless!"The downside is that things have to get so disasterous before they do something." I should frame that!

    The 16 has always copped a beating on weekends. I've tried illuminating people to the backway to the beach (3/67 to Carlisle then walk/tram to Luna Park), but it gets difficult. The Conspiracy Theorist in me says that loading was kept very high in order to justify their Combinos, but most weekends you can spot at least one Z battling the mobs.

  5. Cool. So that chat to DC worked :-)

  6. Indeed Daniel. Next campaign, too many noisy trams spoiling the quiet Sunday morning in St Kilda Road.

  7. I read this article here and I read what Rob Kemp says there. It is such an outrage that these things happen. Unfortunatley you guys working out there see it first hadn, and I see the hostility second hand at the hospital..injuries and the like.

  8. I am sure you do Cazzie. But, guessing that you do hands on stuff, I don't envy yours.


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